What are you here for? What does your life mean? This topic will help the youth understand their purpose on earth and live that purpose.


This topic aims at helping the young people face the challenges and trauma of unemployment. Unemployment in Tanzania is growing every day. The youth dependency ratio is growing rapidly. Most young people waits to be employed and rarely thinks of self-employment. The topic is wide and will cover different subtopics bellow;

  • How to bolster your confidence and become a hunted asset in your career: (one unsuccessful interview does not define a career. We’ll gather all the facts to remind the youth of who truly they are, restoring confidence to take more steps in their job search and better interview performance)
  • Resume Review and Updates: We’ll review their resume for the positions they are seeking and make sure we are the best ally in securing interviews for the right positions.
  • Interview Skills: Through mock interviews and review of real interviews, we’ll identify strengths that youth want to build on and work on the questions and situations that troubles them
  • Job Search Direction and Productivity: Being clear on what type of jobs are desired, how to find them and how to go after them is critical to getting the right job as fast as possible.  We’ll make sure the direction and the strategy are crystal clear.
  • ideas to create self-jobs with no capital; We want to help the youth explore opportunities and ideas for self-employment


This topics aims at helping the youth stand strong in their faith and make decisions according to God’s will—even if it goes against the tide of contemporary culture (Ephesians 5:15-20; Romans 12:1-2)


This topics wants to help the young people understand how their past determines their future Success. Joshua followed Moses carefully in the past and when it was time for him to lead, he secured a successful future for him and God’s people. By tracing Joshua’s path to leadership, the youth will learn principles for success which they can apply today. (References to Joshua in Exodus and Numbers especially Exodus 17:8-15, Numbers 11:28, 27:12-23; Joshua 1, 24)


This topic is based on walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. It will provide the young people with lessons on the importance of serving God by serving others. And how that can positively impact their lives. The topic will aim at killing a spirit of selfishness that destroys people’s destinies. We may consider taking the youth group out and doing random act of kindness for the needy community.


This topic emphasizes how important it is to exercise physically and spiritually to live up to the potential that God put in each person. The youth will learn on how to strengthen the inner spirit through reading the Word, praying, working hard and serving others.



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